Thursday, 30 December 2010


Do you remember when 3.5 weeks of school holiday seemed like a lifetime stretching ahead of you?

We did pretty much exactly what the kids requested today. First stop, Masai Art Gallery and Cultural Heritage. Lots of African Art enjoyed (some of it at a run fast walk), huge wooden crocodiles duly admired, new cap bought for the Mancub, who definitely doesn't fit child small child sized ones any more, and then on to the coffee lodge - cappucino for Mama and lots of playing for the littlies. They do have one of the better playgrounds in town (including swings made cunningly from old tyres) and even a pool. Then, after heading home for a nap (Mancub), some swahili study (Mama) and a rest followed by a game of carcassonne (Kitty), we headed out to our fried N who has two small boys and a super pool, so back into our (damp) swimming things for another go.

A few pics of the kids here. I expect Mr B will post some of his birdy shots too at some point. He's having fun with his new camera - a joint Christmas and birthday present.

p.s. of COURSE I can still hula hoop - must install a censoring system for Mr B's posts.... especially the photos...

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  1. Great pics. My littly and I watch 'TingaTinga' and the illustration style is lovely. I was reading up on it and found out Mr TingaTinga started it in Tanzania! Like African animal tinga tingaart very much. Is that the sort of thing you saw today or was it older art?