Friday, 24 December 2010

Online for Christmas?

We've been offline the last few days, but happily got hooked back up again about 5pm this afternoon, so unless status changes over night we will be online for Christmas and might have a chance to skype various folk... Any insomniacs could call us very early UK time, as we're three hours ahead... Otherwise we're off to friends for lunch and not sure when we'll be back, but by the time we do get back the kids might be rather tired. Still, worth a try in the afternoon some time. 
Meanwhile we've been busy bees with preparations for lots of things the last couple of days. Collecting and decorating Christmas trees:
 Finally finishing the nativity scene:

Making a Gingerbread house (though, tyipcal Tanzanian construction standard, collapse occurred about 24hrs later with the chimney pot (not featured) causing a roof collapse. Tastes good though...):
And then after Mama B made a surprisingly large vat of mincemeat on Tuesday, we made the snap decision yesterday to invite all those without prior Christmas Eve engagements to come over and help us eat mince pies, etc. Which, of course, inspired Mama B to further fits of baking this morning - more Florentines, and lots of yummy stuff... Which made for a very busy house this afternoon - nice to see not everyone is booked up right to the last minute! And all agreed the mince pies and things were yum! None left now at least...

Meanwhile I've also been enjoying the arrival of my birthday/Christmas present camera - first photos here for all to see (though you probably won't see any difference, given the low resolutions we usually print with anyway!). Only problem, Santa seemed not to notice that there was a memory card ordered with it, so we've only got the bult in memory available. All of 6 photos... Hopefully another santa may be prevailed upon to find a replacement at a suitable location before we head off on out next safari and want to take loads of pictures!

Oh, and the Mancub had fun with our Tanzanian special stockings

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  1. Have a wonderful Christmas - wish we could have shared in the mincepie-fest. We do have snow, though, deepand crisp and even. Love GUT and GAF