Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Apologies for yesterday's blog. Only realised after posting how long and probably boring it was. Judging from the comments, detailed hospital stories appeal most to those who have plenty of their own!

So, to be brief!

Kitty now on antibiotics, having failed to improve over the last 24 hours.

Mancub loved his one-dose anti-worming medicine (it was green) but no worms have appeared, thankfully. He likes his 3 times daily for a week yellow anti-giardia medicine less, but is submitting to it with good grace.
He is also, naturally, replaying his hospital experience in his games. This evening's power cut prompted a search for his own torch, which he suddenly remembered was also an essential part of the doctor's examination. So first I, then Daddy and then our visitor, were subjected to close examination of our throats, ears and....."now 'or bottom". Fortunately no stripping required - we all scraped through the examination by the seat of our pants...

And I forgot to include the other invalids in yesterday's, and today's, round-up. Mr B and I are hobbling painfully round the house like a pair of arthritic octagenarians. No, not illness but Monday evening's excercise DVD... I decided I needed more regular exercise and Mr B gallantly joined me, but some of those muscles haven't been used for a long time.... Having painfully managed to crouch to pick something off the floor today, I found myself pondering that question which is normally a sign of old age: is there anything else I should do while I'm down here?

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  1. Get well soon all; re the exercise, that should go on youtube. No exercise here, still a foot of snow outside (nine grey partridge are making regular visits, comically swimming through the snow, too lazy to fly and sans pear trees unfortunately). I once had some dealings with a parisitology lab - some very interesting naughty worms there (LARGE and fierce) not recommended for the squeamish, handy if you like fishing though. If the exercise doesn't work out I recommend cake.