Sunday, 2 January 2011

Garden Birds...

Last year we recorded sixty species of bird in our garden. Not bad by UK standards, perhaps, but definitely modest by Tanzanian levels - we've friends with nearly 500... Still, it's always nice to see different things here, and as I've got a new camera that allows me to take pictures of birds (though still no more than 7 at a time, hopefully the new card will be arriving later today!) I've got a few pictures to share - needed a bit of practice before we head off with it on Safari again! So, here are a few of our garden birds (including one that I've only seen on a few occassions before in the garden, so don't expect it if you come visiting...):
Streaky Seedeater wondering what's up...

Cute Speckled Mousebird

Grosbeak weaver - the rare garden visitor

White-fronted Bee-eater, a garden beauty!

We also have an eagle owl whois obviously a nightly visitor (I hear him sometimes) and who has generously been providing owl pellets to disect with Kitty and the Mancub. Obviously beetle and some sort of rat are high on the menu...

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