Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Fun Fun Fun

We've been keeping Grandfather busy over the last few days, walking round our local area, taking him to see Colobus monkeys in the forest, walk round lake Duluti, sample the coffee and cake at the Blue Heron, swim at the local lodge... even an exciting shopping trip to buy groceries... well, he wanted to come... He's also had to be very sociable as first we had F - a Dutch PhD student - staying Sunday and Monday, before flying home to the Netherlands, and then last night a couple with a daughter the Mancub's age and a visiting brother of theirs came for dinner as they were in Arusha awaiting an early morning flight back home to Sri Lanka today. Today we headed out to the Blue Heron for coffee and to collect Mr B, who's car was being mended (again) but we got waylaid and ended up having coffee and blueberry muffins with some friends in the house we house-sat last year for three weeks. This evening will be the first we've had at home with him with no extra company (and I'm on the computer - how anti-social!)

This afternoon we fed the tame Eland at Mount Meru Game lodge

The Mancub's been keeping him busy while I do the school run - making dens, shooting the stomp rocket, running round the house etc. This morning he settled for some more relaxing reading. They got through a large pile of books.

 Tomorrow Grandfather gets to enjoy Kitty's school Christmas play, in which she is the narrator. They are doing "the fourth wise man", who is, in this version, a woman..... should be interesting. We'll also be gate-crashing her class party so that the Mancub can see Father Christmas again. Which reminds me, I better go and make some cakes for her to share. THe power has been off most days until evening recently, making baking (or cooking, ironing...) rather tricky.

But before I go, here are some shots that didn't make it into Mr B's blog on Monday...

cute baby gecko in the living room

The Mancub enjoying the pudlles in the garden (recognise the suit Mum? He juuuust fits into it, with a few safetly pins to hold it together where his tummy burst the zip...)

The Mancub investigating the tusk marks in the Elephant caves

and enjoying a carry up to inspect the upper ones too

and one Mr B wouldn't allow because it's out of focus. Grandfather not only brought presents but also chocolate! Here is the Mancub giving a chocolate crocodile the kiss of death...

Hmmm, bit heavy on the Mancub photos today. Will try to get some nice pics of Kitty in the play tomorrow.

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