Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Christmas sickness...

Been a while since we posted anything. We've been busy having friends over and make Christmas preparations and, for Kitty at least, having an ear infection. Hopefully all will be sorted before Grandfather comes on Thursday night... Here are some of the decorations we've been creating:

Still a few more figures to go - shepherds at least...

And here's a rare sight and a sign of sickness - Kitty asleep in the day!


  1. Typical man/husband/father writing there. Makes it sound like Kitty has a mildly annoying ear-ache when in fact she's had fever since saturday, napped in the daytime both of the last two days, been up in the night in misery because of painful ears and glands and got through a whole bottle of infant paracetamol and a goodly part of a bottle of nurofen... And that Mama was also in bed with fever, exhaustion and a throat that felt like something had died in it a long time ago, for most of Sunday. Anyway, after SMS consultations with the doctor for the last few days, we're now going in to see him properly this afternoon. Hopefully signalling the start of a dramatic improvement (probably before the appointment, knowing the ways of children...)

  2. Oh wow. Poor Kitty and Mama. :( Get well soon (before your supplies of paracetamol and nurofen run out.

    Pretty Christmas nativity. :)