Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Today the Mancub and I went to playgroup. He loves being at new houses with new toys! And he's getting gradually more sociable too.

We got home just before the heavens opened and rain torrented down. See the lake that was once our lawn...

This is really good news. We've hardly had any rain so far this short rainy season and the farmers and herders really need it.

It seemed an appropriate afternoon to stay at home and boil the Christmas puddings. But it's not very exciting cooking something you're not going to eat for almost 4 weeks, so we made fairy cakes too. And what's the best part of baking?

licking the spoons and bowls of course.

I then got on with spreading melted chocolate onto the florentines I made yesterday while the kids headed off to play. One of the lovely things that has happened over the last 6 months or so is that they play more and more happily together. Not all the time of course... there's plenty of sibling annoying too. But they can entertain each other quite happily for an hour or so most days. Today it just took a cardboard box and some cushions.


  1. No photos of the florentines?

    Playing together is lovely isn't it? Suddenly it becomes easier having two than it was with just one.

  2. You seem to spend a lot of time baking! Lucky kiddies.
    What do they tend to play together? Is Kitty usually boss?

  3. Aw, lovely photo of the two of them smiling and playing together...