Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Still not heard a final result for elections overall, although everyone is fairly sure that the current ruling party, CCM, and their leader Kikwete will still be in power. Arusha though, and many other towns that have already declared, have been taken by the opposition, so local changes to come no doubt...

Far more immediate though was a playdate - a brother (nearly 4) and sister (6.5)  from Kitty's school came back home with us today for the afternoon. Plus K, Mama J's youngest (9) and we had a nice group that promptly segregated along gender lines.

The three girls made beautiful princess crowns and wands

while the two boys played happily with tractors, trucks and dust

Managed to entice one of them inside to help the girls make gingerbread. Then, following dinner, it was definitely bath time...
Forget nurture - this is definitely nature.

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