Monday, 29 November 2010

Party time again!

Another day, another birthday party! This time a family who are all friends and the birthday of their eldest, turning 5, who Kitty gets on very well with.

We played round and round the parcel again...

and the hunt the pieces game I brought - you may spot a theme here...

We also played sardines. Here is everyone else counting to 20 while Kitty hides

The cake was an awesome "where the wild things are" green extravaganza with no fewer than 4 indoor fireworks for candles

Other excitement today was the making of the Christmas puddings. Thank you Granny and Grandad for bringing out suet back in April. (Note to readers, top internet tip of replacing suet, when unobtainable, with butter, frozen and then grated, is all very well but leads to a very greasy falling-apart mess of a pudding, as we discovered last year). The Mancub helped me make the puddings but we all had a turn at stirring.

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  1. Great tip about the need for suet! Did the pudding taste nice at least?