Saturday, 27 November 2010

Christmas Fair and aeroplane party

Busy day today. Started with the Arusha Christmas Fair. One of the biggest social events of the year, a chance to buy Christmas presents and, for the kids, bouncy castles, face-painting, ice-cream and Father Christmas! He arrived on a tractor...

looking rather hot and adjusting his moustache. (He's not the REAL Father Christmas, says Kitty, just someone dressed up)

The Mancub liked him though!

and, while the presents he handed out were rather tacky (A key-ring?! said Kitty scornfully. That's for grown-ups!), each also contained a lolly, so it wasn't all bad....

So, having consumed very little in the way of real food for lunch but with fizzy drinks and ice-creams inside (and outside for the Mancub...) and lollies in hand, we continued on to the rest of the day's activities. Mr B was dropped off for a meeting (sporting some ice-cream-sticky fingers and a face-painted neck, thanks to cuddles from Kitty) and the rest of us headed off to another 3 year old's birthday party.

Lots of games were played, including "round and round the parcel" (according to the Mancub)

and the birthday cake was a triumphant effort, despite power having been off in that part of town for 100 hours over the last 10 days, - an airport, complete control tower, arrivals building, runway and aeroplanes piloted by several of the party children.

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