Friday, 26 November 2010

Parties and illness

The internet has been playing up all week, as those of you we have tried to skype will testify! So, here are some old pics from Monday afternoon when the kids and I were at a 3 year old birthday party! Lots of fun was had by all.

The Mancub had another ride on Posh Paws

Lovely biscuits with smarties on, or without smarties on after the birthday boy had swiped them!

Grandpa Pig and his train!

Hunt the 'jigsaw' pieces round the garden and make the picture

 a pinata

and happy splashing in the paddling pool - no photos as everyone in the altogether (children only I hasten to add). Very nice afternoon, only downer being Kitty still listless, after a slightly feverish, tired and appetite-less weekend. Refusing to go in the paddling pool or eat birthday cake, instead curling up on the rug under the pinata for a rest. She's still not right and was off school today. Very very tired. Just fighting a virus according to the doc. Hope it surrenders soon and hope she survives another 3 year old birthday party tomorrow.

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