Friday, 25 June 2010

Sports Day

Today's big event - Sports Day! Kitty joined in with everything - hurrah, and even won herself some 'rosettes'. First, a warm up to some funky music

then a relay

Kitty's partner was the slowest but the Kitty grabbed the baton and did some superfast running to bring the team into 3rd place!

There followed an obstacle race and a sack race

But the crowning achievement of the event was Mama's run to glory in the Mummy's race, together with fellow runner balancing a plastic ball on a piece of paper...

And lastly, and because I can't resist, here is the Mancub taking a leak....

or is that leek?


  1. Well done Kitty & Mama. (Pumpkin Patch Sports Day was today too. CK wanted to spend more time fishing for ducks so I wasn't in the area when the Mums race was run. Probably just as well!)

  2. Thankyou for the blog and pictures. It's lovely to keep up with what's going on. Well done the sportswomen! He stands amongst the lettuces and leeks or amongst the cabbages and peas. What - no nappy - well done