Saturday, 5 June 2010

12 days...and camels

12 days is how long I will be off-line, off-email, off-skype etc. Mr B is heading off tomorrow morning for a grand work trip down to southern Tanzania, taking in Iringa and the Selous and various stops along the way. He will be able to get online some days and check emails etc but the children and I will be left without our usual sources of communication (or DVD entertainment!) I will have my mobile though, so feel free to text!

We had a nice family day today. A quiet morning playing games, reading books and phoning a few people.

The we headed for the "Karibu" Tourism Fair, which is happening on the edge of town for 3 days.

It may seem strange, but tractors are an essential part of some tourist lodges' kit... how else do you pull all those 4x4s out of the mud?

And this certainly beats a donkey ride on the beach...

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  1. Orchard toys product placement - hope they're paying you well!!