Friday, 4 June 2010

Passport progress and camping capers

Just a quick note to say we are back from our camping trip having had a great time - monkeys, hyenas, hunter gatherers, friends and all. We managed to limp home with a car that had decided each time we hit a small bump (and we had at least 50km on tracks to negotiation...) to slam on the front right brakes as well - somehow all safaris seem to have some car event. I wonder what it will be on my long trip... We even did an initial sort of the 400 and something photos last night, but the internet wasn't playing ball so we couldn't post anything. Hopefully tonight... Almost as exciting is that just as we were taking out leave I got a call to say that my passport had been extracted from Immigration and was in the safe hands of our lawyers. Hurrah! I've not been told exactly how this was achieved, but I know a letter from a friend who works for the UN helped (thanks!) and that many hours were spent at immigration to achieve this! It's not all over yet, but today there are to be more meetings with immigration in Dar and the Principal General (good title) himself will take personal control of the case having agreed to drop it. Some delicate manouvers have been required to make sure he officially gets involved not as part of an official appeal process, but because of some administrative procedures, but it looks like a plan has been hatched and, at last, some concrete progress is being made. Hurrah!


  1. Thats great Colin -heres hoping for a final resolution to all this!