Saturday, 19 June 2010

Safe return

Mr B and our friend R returned safely last night to an extremely overexcited and bouncy welcome! After a slight hiccup with a broken fan belt and overheating engine, they managed to get things fixed and race back in time to see the kids before they went to sleep. Kitty, the Mancub and I stayed up late reading books in Kitty's bed until they finally pulled in and then there were Welcome Home hugs, banners, cards, presents and two children bouncing off the walls with excitement.

I'm sure Mr B will put on some nice photos soon. After 2800km of driving over the last 12 days, including 3 trips to garages for repairs and some hairy night driving with no brakes or lights when the electrics packed up 60km before one day's destination, I think he'll be on for a nice quiet weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back Mr B, Glad you are back with your family safe and sound, how clever of you to time your return neatly in time for Fathers Day.
    Hope Mitty nd Mncub settled to sleep eventually.