Saturday, 12 June 2010

Southern Adventures continue

So after a day of reovering from tummy things and talking over lots of bird atlas related things until very late at night, we had an appointment to take a bunch of students for a walk in the Udzungwa National Park yesterday. Despite a planned departure of 5.30, the expedition didn't begin until 7, thanks to disorganised students. Which, happily, at least, gave me plenty of time to meet and tow one of the team into town who's car had proken down! What is it with cars arriving in Iringa?! Still, we did get off in the end and it gave me a chance to try out the car on a long run, where if the alternator was going to fail again I'd at least have someone nearby to help out... So off we set. Arrived at the park gate and were told, "oh no, you can't buy a permit here - you need to go to the main HQ (5 hrs away!) to get your permit, then come back". Ooops. After a bit of chatting and faffing around, we decided to give up and go for a walk along the river just below the park gate and find some birds there. Pictures speaking more than words, here they are...

Lots of dry bush around here, but beautiful elevation gradients too if you look close enough!

 Happily, none of the students had a bee allergy... Though this swarm was very docile in the heat of the day.

As the dry season starts down here, there's nothing prettier than the desert rose really!

And we got back to town to catch the second half of the opening game of the world cup, as both people I was with are mad keen football fans - though not before the alternator started making some suspicious noises again, so it will be back to the garage afterall today... Hopefully with enough time to also fit in lots more talking and a trip to some nearby birds...

Meanwhile, Mama B reports all is well, but still quiet in Arusha.


  1. Is that desert rose what they call an antelope lilly in S Africa?

  2. Not sure... It's an Adenium sp. it seems...