Saturday, 30 January 2010

Happy days

It's been a busy but fun day. We'd planned to explore some of the tracks on the hill above us this morning, so hopped in the car and drove up and up through more of the two until gradually things began to fade out and we found ourselves in a rather sterile looking plantation. So we drove on a for a little more, parked and explored some lovely remanants of the native forest. If we can ever find our way up there again it will be well worth exploring properly. The ravines were spectacular (and we didn't loose and children over the edge) and the birds pretty good too. Hartlaub's Turacos are great!
Even if Kitty did think it a bit hot towards the end. At least she perked up when one of the Mama's on their way home wanted a cuddle!

And then after lunch we all headed off to the pool nearby to meet from friends for a swim, before returning here for beer followed by (another) great waffle feast! Busy, but a very nice day all the same. Now I've just been putting together things for tomorrow's grand trip to count Flamingos on Lake Manyara. A long day I think, and possibly one that will drive me quite mad if I can't locate my sunhat - if it was hot on the hill this afternoon it will be roasting down in the rift valley tomorrow!

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