Thursday, 7 January 2010


We collected our first mail in 3 months today - very exciting! Two homemade Christmas cards, complete with newsletter, assorted photos and stickers and a parcel with presents in! Mr B's Auntie F, a veteran of the Tanzanian postal system, cunningly found three very flattish presents and disguised them in a boring brown paper envelope. Thank you all! Anyone else wanting our postal address is very welcome!

Other news today - Kitty started back at school (3 days late but the safari took precedence) and Mr B made a fruitless trip down to Immigration to get our passports stamped. Our 3 months tourist visas expired today so we needed to get a stamp to prove that we are now resident. However, Mr B's recent exciting exploits mean that a)  immigration are still in possession of his passport and b) they ( or perhaps a certain official) have decided that they can't possibly do this while he is still under investigation, and, despite assurances last week that he would have his official exoneration letter yesterday, things continue... The official in question assured Mr B that the children and I really had no choice but to leave the country today... a phone call to our lawyer confirmed that this is absolute rubbish and he is now going down to immigration tommorrow to try to help things along a little.....again....

Tomorrow evening the Wicked Uncle leaves, that is, assuming that Heathrow are receiving flights and assuming that he is well enough to crawl out of bed and get to the airport. We'l be sad to see him go but have had a lovely two weeks with him.


  1. It's never simple is it?

    We would of course be delighted to see you if you did end up having to leave the country but I really hope it doesn't come to that.

  2. Me too. Far too cold! Would be nice to see you though. It really is a very civilized temperature here you know, and quite easy for small people to avoid malarial mozzies (they are only out at night and we all sleep under mozzie nets). Definitely expensive flights and probably other complications, but please don't rule it out without investigating!

  3. So glad boring envelope arrived eventually- Epiphany is when spanish children celebrate after all..... Keep on pushing for the paperwork.