Tuesday, 26 January 2010


In a not entirely planned act of solidarity with many of our neighbours, we seem to have run out of water... The last 24 hrs have seen us high (pretty niffy, that is...) and dry. With occasional buckets of water coming from outside when the town supply is on at a trickle. Much like a lot of the locals I guess. But not all that much fun really. Hopefully the fundi will be able to sort us soon! And then perhaps he'll be able to plum in the new washing machine, that would be nice once we have running water again...

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  1. I've just spent a lovely few minutes catching up with your blog. You're both great writers - its very enjoyable reading.
    Sounds like everyday presents new challenges, but that you're all coping fantastically.
    Hope the water comes back soon. Oh the things we take for granted here.