Sunday, 1 April 2012

Weekend fun!

Thursday was the Mancub's last day of term and he enjoyed an Easter fun day!
You might not be able to teach a grandma to suck eggs...
Sticking the the Mancub's favourite at the moment...

Friday saw us heading to Tarangire for an overnight stay - it having been at least 2 months since we'd last seen elephants!
Dreeting committee at Tarangire Safari Lodge

Bat-eared Foxes are cute.

Female Hildebrandt's Francolin

Sunset, Tarangire style!

And sunrise from the lodge terrace

Got to have an elephant!

Ground Hornbills are always good value.

and these lion cubs were a highlight - left behind as their mothers set off hunting.

Here's Mum!

And here she's calling the cubs to join her

Saddle-billed Storks are even better though.

And eles do strange things sometimes!

One came rather close whilst her baby scratched on the front of the car!

He's handsome!

But it's all too exhausting for some...

Whilst others can keep going all the time!

Pretty tired too!

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  1. Fantastic photos!! So looking forward to being there myself.