Monday, 2 April 2012

Easter and Divali

Today we had an interesting mix of cultures. In the afternoon, some friends came over and we made Easter gardens.

Note the cross on the hilltop and the tomb with the stone rolled in front. This is Kitty's.
And her friend's.
I think the Mancub needs a geography lesson. Or was Jesus really buried in a tropical jungle? He certainly hasn't yet grasped that less is often more. Had lots of fun though!
Then, this evening, we attended the Lower Primary presentation at Kitty's school. The theme was celebrations and Kitty's class learnt about India and the festival of Divali. They performed a play about Rama and Sita and did a Bollywood dance. Kitty was a narrator for the play and spoke beautifully loudly and clearly. (Note proud parent!!)

3 narrators: Kitty (from UK), S (Haiti) and M (Kenya)

Bollywood fame here we come!


  1. Lovely photos. Kitty really seems to have grown up loads since you were last in the UK. xxx

  2. Well done narrator Kitty. Lovey photo of the three narrators from different nations. LOL at the "less not being more" comment on Mancub's Easter garden!