Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Mancub's 4th birthday

Mr B and his amazing magical computer are back for a very brief spell in civilization before heading back to the bush tomorrow, so here are some birthday photos from last Sunday while I have the chance.

Kitty had created a special birthday picture for him to colour in - this kept them busy for a while giving us a lovely lie-in
The we had present opening in Mama and Daddy's bed. Kitty bought him a book with all her saved up pocket money and tooth fairy money. He loves it!
Grandmas's present - a magnetic fishing game - was also VERY popular

First some crafty stuff - party crowns and decorating biscuits

We did let the children do some too, honest
Pass the parcel
And a re-run of the popular obstacle course from Kitty's birthday

Some very happy to play with the toys

It's a VERY serious matter when everyone is singing just for you
 He loved his special day.

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