Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The perils of bumpy roads

Yesterday, on the way home from school along a particularly bumpy stretch of dirt road, the Mancub was in the middle of a sentence, and then stopped.

"Oh bother, the bump made me forget what I was saying!"

"It was a very thin word and it broke."

p.s. He had a lovely birthday and we had a lovely week at the beach but since Mr B's done a runner into the bush with all the photos on his computer, you'll have to wait a while for a post on those.


  1. That's a good one! Happy belated birthdat to Mancub. Looking forward to the photo's. xxx

  2. Fabulous! Mancub or Pooh Bear quote? :)

    Glad Mancub had a good birthday. Did the power stay on long enough for you to bake a cake, Mama?

    Heather K