Saturday, 21 April 2012

Beach trip

So, our beach trip the week before the Mancub's birthday. We went with good friends K and M and their three kids. It was a lovely time, marred only by them all getting sick on our return. It rained on us a bit and was overcast some of the time, but that didn't dampen our spirits! The sea was like a bath.
The seven hour drive was a whole lot more bearable in the Suzuki, with it's dust-proofing and air conditioning, though we got held up by a roadside immigration check-point of all things! Finally reached the coast and crossed the Pangani river on this ferry.
It was low season so we had the beach to ourselves

The Mancub and M are only one month apart in age and have lots of fun together
And the 9 months between H and Kitty doesn't seem to matter


Trip out to Maziwe, a sand island, for some snorkelling. Lovely to see the fish but two of us threw up on the boat and we all got well and truly sandblasted on the island by the high wind!
Gin and Tonic at sunset, leaving the Dad's to feed the kids. Ahhhh!

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