Saturday, 19 March 2011

Rain, party and more pics of cousins

Yesterday afternoon it rained. Last night it rained. This morning it rained. Not light rain. No .We filled up a few 15 litre bottles from the roof run off in a couple of minutes.

At lunchtime we ventured out in the car, driving down a river our road, picking our way through rubbish washed out of the 3ft deep storm drains and onto the main roads and swerving through the mud on the Old Moshi road to get to our friend K's birthday. Definitely worth it! Lovely food, great company and wonderful entertainment in the form of the kids dancing in musical bumps.

While I was sorting through pics I found a few more of the Mountain cousins and the Mancub from their recent visit to add.

And one of the Mancub cuddling his 'best friend' (for that day at least).

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