Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mid-term platypus

It's half-term break time for Kitty, with the artistic highlight of the first half of the year an animal related extravaganza for parents and visitors... Each child had to choose an animal to research (go Google!), then dress up in appropriate outfits for a series of songs, puppet shows and educational outreach (to the parents). Animals range dfrom the somewhat predictable (for here at least) elephant and lion through Kitty who chose to be a duck-billed platypus (favourite fact - males have a venemous spike on their hind legs with a poison strong enough to kill a dog. Wow!), and the slightly more surreal Mermaid (favourite fact - I know they exist because I found a comb on the beach...). Here are some pics of the fun!

Tomorow Mama B and the littlies will have a busy social day, then on Saturday we're off camping for a night then on to a farm for a night with various friends: should be fun.

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