Friday, 11 March 2011

Good news?

I've just heard from the lawyers that they are holding a letter from Immigration in Dar that lets us travel freely into and out of the country and iwll be bringing it back to Arusha with them on Sunday. Its not a permanent solution, but is a good sign that people really do mean to resolve this happily! Of course, I won't entirely believe it until I have the document in my hand on Tuesday (we'll be away 'til Mon), but I'm getting there... And it does mean that (provided we can find flights that don't completely bankrupt us) we'll probably be back in UK for 2ish weeks from 8th-ish April. And, of course, I should be able to do my talk at the Royal Society on 19th - also good news! So, once we've got the paper and booked some flights we'll sort out times and places to visit people - would be great to see lots of UK people while we're back... The only fixed data so far is the Royal Society event that will have me at least in London 18-19th. It's a free conference, everyone welcome (but I suspect will only appeal to ecologists...). Which does, of course, mean I need to finish this paper, so I'll get back to it...


  1. Good news on both fronts - would be lovely to catch up when you're in London. Jess

  2. Great news Colin -I'll see if Adam and I can get to the Roy. Soc. meeting -would be good to catch up in person :) Rob T.

  3. Hurray, huzzah, and three million cheers!