Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Today I finished the last session of the course on Basic Counselling Skills which I have been attending. One afternoon a week for 8 weeks. It's been fascinating, hard work, rewarding and a great chance to do something unrelated to husband and children (although it will certainly help with both!)

Mr B is away this week so tonight a friend and baby came over, also missing husband for the week. Nice time chatting and eating very yummy Merci chocolates which we received in 'payment' for the Mancub's old cot which we have given away. I think the baby is used to a quiet and calming bedtime routine, but did manage to get to sleep after a raucous meal, two children racing around naked and shouting "I'm a gingerbread man" after their bath and various other, definitely un-quiet, moments.


  1. What will you study next??
    By the way, our three children are used to a quiet and calming bedtime routine too with special wind chime music and aromatherapy bath... erm... OK not quite the truth... its actually more like: "Go and get yourselves ready for bed now".

  2. Congratulations. What type of counseling have you been studying?
    I like the sound of your comfort food!
    Praying everyone travels safely and comfortably when you travel home. Also praying the return is without any complications.
    With Love