Sunday, 6 March 2011

Culture and Sport

Mega social day yesterday. First the ISM (International School Moshi) Arusha campus held a cultural day. We ate falafel, baba ganoush, hummus, flat bread with zahta, while reclining on cushions in the lebanese tent, drank mango lassi served by the Mum of one of Kitty's old school mates in the Indian tent, made feathered headdresses in the Canadian tent... We were entertained by Masaai choirs, traditional drumming, bollywood dance, a student fashion show, bellydance, a group of kids from a Songwriting workshop.... The kids declined the pony rides (but fed the ponies) and the henna art, but fully enjoyed the BBQ chicken, ice-cream, dances and the best playground in Arusha, as well as jumping all over various friends we bumped into.

Then we headed to the Friedkin Recreation Centre to watch the Arusha v. Dar es Salaam rugby match, featuring several of our friends on the winning Arusha side. Watching live rugby was a first for the kids and me. I explained the action for the kids benefit, much to the entertainment of the seasoned rugby fans seated near us who suggested I write a book.... Rugby for by Dummies?

What a social day!

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