Wednesday, 24 February 2010

They thought it was all over...

Just bak from a very, very hot and sticky trip to Mkomazi National Park, then the coast for a few days. Lots of fun, not much sleep and lots of heat. More details than that will have to wait until tomorrow, because it's getting late and I'm not ready to sift through 219 photos... We did have lots of fun, and it was only tempered slightly by the delayed start on Thursday by a trip to the police, who told me Immigration were waiting with my passport ready for me. Only to arrive there and be told that they'd just heard that my research permit had been cancelled and so they would be revoking my resident's permit and that I needed to pay rather a lot of money to get a temporary visa whilst they sorted things. At this point we checked with the lawyer what to do and he advised I leave quickly and let him sort things. So I did... It now turns out that someone from immigration had phoned the government department responsible to request that they cancel my research permit, but had been told that they had to put the request in writing before anything would be done. And as far as anyone knows, this hasn't happened yet. So immigration were, again, trying a fast one. But the mess still needs sorting - quite absurd I'm afraid. Still, more news tomorrow I hope.

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