Monday, 15 February 2010

Alive, well and muddy!

Sorry to all for the long silence. Mr B was away all week with the laptop in tow but failed to be able to access the internet. We are all alive and well!

He had a fantastic week in Grumeti Game Reserve, which I shall leave him to tell you about on another occasion. I had a less exciting but rather tough week on my own with the kids, having had a nasty fall the day before he left (just at home - on wet tiles and holding the Mancub so unable to save myself) and injured my left hip joint. I couldn't walk, sit or even lie down without pain for several days, and climbing into bed, putting my feet up, getting in and out of the car or going up or down steps was excruciating. Fortunately various kind friends delivered strong painkillers, took the Mancub for a few hours and one day brought Kitty home from school for me. I'm much much better now though, just a few twinges every now and again.

By the time it got to the weekend and Mr B was home we were both pretty shattered (for me, read grumpy) so we had a quiet weekend at home, doing very little. Mr B did manage finally to put up the hammock though, so relaxation was had by some and rather precarious hilarity by others.

Oh, and we made chocolate fairy cakes (with very crunchy icing as I only had granulated sugar in the house...)

Today after school we had fun splatter painting and playing with playdough and were just about to gather the swimming things and head to the lodge when the heavens opened with a great deluge. Who needs a swimming pool when you can play in the rain and mud?


Other news and excitement for the day is that Mr B now has his first ever, I believe, pair of prescription sunglasses (!!). Pictures to follow

And of course the biggest excitement of all - Grandma is getting on a plane in 4 hours time to come and visit!

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  1. Hope you are recovering from your fall; those children need a good scrub!