Saturday, 6 February 2010

Lake Duluti revisted

Back when we had only been in Arusha a few weeks we visited Lake Duluti. Since then we've been back once as a family and Mr B did a waterbird survey there a few weeks ago counting ducks. Today we decided to head back and try to make it all round the lake as a family. We had a lovely walk with minimal moaning and a fair number of snack stops (unrelated surely?!) and then lunched at the Serena Mountain Village Lodge. We got to the lake earlyish and so saw a nice variety of wildlife, including nile monitor lizards again, loads of butterflies and another, slightly smaller, giant millipede. We had a nice time relaxing on the front lawn of the lodge with our coffee and chatting to various guests including a biophysics professor from Harvard and his wife, before returning home for a mammoth waffle fest with friends. Altogether a very nice day.


And for Mr B's relations, does this make you think of another little boy about 31 years ago? 


Here's one from yesterday after a short walk back from our friend's house along the dusty track. We decided bath first, dinner later....

nice to be clean, fed, in jimjams and in possession of scarves

p.s. notice two boys with new haircuts?


  1. Had to scroll back to find the haircuts, but memories of slugwatching came without the prompt. I am not so sure about the many leggitty beastie though.

  2. I'm sure that mancub of yours has grown since I last saw him. I do hope he isn't eating those beasties. As for Mr C. he is eternally youthful. Wish I could say the same!