Friday, 26 February 2010

Party time!

Not the actual day, and a slight delay on start because (a) this is Africa and (b) friend in transport convoy had a puncture, but here it is! Mama again amazed all by how much effort went into organising things and much fun was had by all (and much pizza by me - the little ones seemed too preoccupied with having fun to help...). First the food, then party crowns (though one you can see here did seem to like her pizza too...)

Then edible necklaces

Followed by fun party games
Not always fully understood by all the participants...

Then the most important cake eating fest (complete with flame-thrower to keep pesky children at bay).

Mine! All mine! Go away little people, I've got it...

And finally a treasure hunt to round things off. All very successful, much happiness and much tiredness. Must be bed time soon...
PS Meanwhile a text from the lawyer suggests he's still in the thick of things at 7.45 this evening but promising an update later. And we're off on safari for a few days again tomorrow, so don't expect more news until Monday at the earlie. And I've just been told that our latest paper (the spirograph) is now available as a preprint online here for those who are dedicated followers!


  1. I would be truly honored if you gave your poetic advice on my blog of poetry and follow it.

  2. Looks like a lovely party! I can't believe she's 5!