Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The number 1 Visitor blog

What a lot to take in during the first 24 hours! Not only the normal things like finding one's way round the kitchen storage space but the 'need to know ' information like how to reply to formalised greetings, deciding one's own greeting name (Bibi Emma?) and possible dangers or difficulties like protecting bags when out and about. Having successfully negotiated 2 large and heavy suitcases from UK to which the only really honest answer to the customs officer question "Is everything in this case yours?"  was "No. My stuff is all in this little knapsack on my back.", it is now rewarding producing things new or long unseen from said cases which are greeted with excitement and enthusiasm. Tomorrow an adventure begins and provided a trip to the authorities does not take all day, we might sight some animals and birds which the writer has only seen behind bars before. (Clue there about the aforementioned authorities! Then, later in the week on to the beach. I must say I'm impressed with what has been achieved  despite the difficulties. The house is lovely, everyone quite at ease with life here, Mama speaks  Swahili very happily to all and sundry and they seem to understand. I'm not at all sure what Mr. B was doing in the office all day but he seemed very busy. There must be some drawbacks. I'll wait and see. Just hope a gekko doesn't fall on my head and run down my arm as one did to Mama this afternoon. It seems like a week here already. Oh, by the way, to whom it really concerns, I did arrive safely!   No further blogging until next Wednesday - hard luck folks!

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