Saturday, 12 November 2011

New dress for Jemima

Remember Teddy and Jemima? Or "teddy and mima" as they used to be known? They have been with Kitty almost since she was born and have travelled widely with us.

Here they are over 2 years ago, investigating the Australian flora.

Well, all that love and travelling is hard on the clothes and Jemima's dress has been looking rather threadbare of late (not to mention short to the point of immodesty) ...

....and since Kitty and I have just had matching dress (her) and skirt (me) made from a local kanga (printed cotton) and there was a little to spare...I bravely took up needle and thread and got to work... Now, few of you will ever have seen me with needle and thread in hand (apart from a shocking knicker-mending session one skiing holiday following two months rotting all my clothes to holes in the jungles of Indonesia) and, indeed, it is something I only usually do when needs must and something needs urgent mending. Even then, funtionality definitely wins over aesthetics, or even straightforward neatness.

So, proudly presenting, for one time only, the rare spectacle of a hand-sewn article...

Ah - what a handsome couple!


  1. That's beautiful. Just out of interest - what sort of animal is Jemima?

  2. Love it! Did you enjoy the sewing? Also, I think we need a photo of all three matching dresses. x

  3. Okay, all 3 matching dresses coming up when we actually get round to wearing them... Did I enjoy the sewing? Well... would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't mucked up, and had to unstitch and resew a bit! And Jemima is a giraffe of course? Call yourself a biologist Mr C?!!!