Thursday, 3 November 2011

A glimmer of hope?

So, another stressful morning after recieving yet another call from immigration, wanting me down there immediately. This time I delayed a bitand persuaded a friend to accompany me, which might have helped a bit - I was out again within an hour or two, having had to rewrite the same statement from yesterday (but this time with a confusing range of dates from yesterday and today, plus without being asked to sign all the bits about my rights and the rest!) and answer exactly the same questions again. But I did come out again and had a nice lunch with friend before heading home. And an hour ago I got a call from the lawyer's contact in Dar who's been dealing with things, reporting that the National Security team I'd met last Monday had just called him, saying they'd completed their report asking immigration (in Dar) to issue my permit without further delay. I was told to start celebrating - but I think I'll still wait until I actually have the permit in hand! My contact will be meeting the immigration officer in Dar who's dealing with things again tomorrow in any case, and assures me that if he doesn't now come away with the permit tomorrow, it will be early next week. They think the last week of threats and harrassment have been Arusha's last attempt to try and get me to leave the country and that by holding my nerve we've won. But we'll see - until our friend here in Arusha is gone he's still got enough power to be a major irritant. And we'll not have the party until the permit is in my hands!

Anyway, in other news the Mancub has suddenly developed a neat (ish) colouring-in concept. Here he is getting excited about his school colouring in book this evening (doing the bits he wasn't around for at scool last week).

And here's his neatest job yet:

I think black and white zebra will be very boring after that one... Amazing, when last week he was turning out his regulation jobs, such as the one here.


  1. Tell the Mancub that Barbara is very impressed! I love the colours!

    Here's hoping that that glimmer of hope comes good xxx

  2. I really hope this is the final step in sorting out the whole situation. What a nightmare it has been for you all.

    On a lighter note, beautiful colouring!