Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fireworks and Christmas cards

Hi all, thought I'd post to say that we're still here, despite certain persons' efforts to browbeat us into abandoning ship!

Last friday we celebrated Fireworks night at Braeburn School, Arusha, for our 3rd time. Yes, we've now been here over 2 years! Lovely time with lots of stalls to spend ones tokens on as well as a big bonfire and lovely firework display, and lots of socialising of course!

Face painting was rather underwhelming this time but Kitty didn't seem to mind
and eating suspended donuts no handed was fun, if challenging! The Mancub also had a go later, but by that time I'd lost Mr B to some other dads and beers and couldn't manage the camera, one beer, one soda and various prizes all at once!

Other exciting activities have included getting started on Christmas cards 
On Sunday afternoon we escaped Arusha, with it's water issues, immigration hassles, broken oven and all, and headed to the bush for some civilisation! I'll leave Mr B to post some wildlife shots. Here's the Mancub, refusing to relinquish his 'sunday sweeties' even in his sleep. Great parenting huh - letting the child sleep with sugar clamped firmly to his teeth....

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