Thursday, 24 November 2011

Internet again at last!

Apologies for the long radio silence. No internet since the weekend. All fine here but Mr B is away for a fortnight and I can't shrink photos to post from this computer (or I haven't worked out how yet!) so text only for the moment.

BUT, you can see photos of the Mancub on a school trip to the snake park and taking part in Sports Day if you look at his school website !

Still no news of a permit, but the kids and I had an exciting time last weekend getting well and truly stuck in the mud on the way out to visit Mr B for his birthday last weekend. Unfortunately we stuck fast in a place with no mobile reception, but Mr B and co found us and pulled us out an hour later, just as I was about to try to create beds for the night in the car! Photos of Mr B in his new birthday shirt (made from a kanga (printed cotton cloth) covered in safari animals) and his new birthday bath robe (made from a maasai blanket) to follow... if he brings them back safely from the bush!

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