Monday, 6 June 2011

what could possibly go wrong ...just did

Another day, another abandoned house move, another headache and another box of belgian chocolates brought back as a potential gift but opened and consumed myself as a result of despair.

4 people, 3 of them our own Askaris (guards) have told us we should ON NO ACCOUNT CONSIDER MOVING TO THE HOUSE that we had been planning to move into on Friday. One Askari said he wouldn't work there, another said he'd only work there if there were 3 askaris on duty each night. Apparently people dread having to pass that way at night because of the robberies and assault... and apparently the house has been empty for over a year (not that the previous tenants, who had been there a year, just moved out). So, possibly we've been lied to by yet another landlord. I know I should be grateful to find this out now, rather than after we've moved in and paid 6 months rent in advance (standard here). I AM grateful, really, but that feeling is overlaid by a stronger one of OH NO, NOT AGAIN. PLEASE NO!

Result, I feel like I'm running out of time, energy (and potential houses). We have to be out of here by 15th June - 9 days time. Mr B is taking part in a conference here in Arusha all next week and teaching a course the following week. The two houses we've taken...and then rejected, were the only 2 of the ones I saw a few weeks ago that seemed both suitable and affordable. And I feel too dispirited to do more than put the kettle on and eat far more chocolate than is good for my health and curse the fact that we're out of tonic again.

Fairy Godmothers? Send them our way! Friends with beautiful houses who suddenly need to leave the country for 10 months and are looking for trustworthy house-sitters? Send them our way too! Large quantities of cash? Well I wouldn't say no. Lie detecting equipment for use when meeting potential landlords? Definitely. More chocolate? Oh well, go on then...


  1. That's quite a blow but I'm glad you found out sooner rather than later.

  2. I'll send prayers...will that be OK!
    Praying for guidance and wisdom and a beuatiful house in a wonderful neighbourhood and the blessing of your staff!
    Much love

  3. Sorry to hear of your continued troubles. :( Be strong and of good courage, my friend.


  4. Hang in there Mrs B. Chocolate is good! Makes you feel better. Hugs, B xxx