Sunday, 5 June 2011

Moving House

Well, we hope we're all set to move house on friday. The particular house we are moving to has changed over the weekend, as we discovered that the landlord whose tenants we were about to become had unceremoniously kicked out the previous tenants two months before the end of their contract in order to make room for us (at a higher rent) and lied to us, assuring us that they had been going to leave at the end of May all along....

Didn't sound like the sort of action to be encouraged (or the sort of Landlord to take on) so, as of yesterday afternoon we have a verbal agreement on a different house! Also just down the road. Rather less exciting garden and titchy kitchen, but an extra bedroom so Mr B can have his home office and the children can have separate rooms. And in rather a better state of repair and decoration.

Busy making plans for moving - get the men with their monster wheelbarrows and the friends with large cars and nothing better to do on a friday morning, hope the Landlord fixes the various little things that need fixing over the next 4 days - and hopefully we'll be installed by next weekend... what could possibly go wrong?!


  1. Best of luck with house move

  2. colintheconroy6 June 2011 at 02:12

    Has the unscrupulous, lying, ex-future-landlord learned his lesson and decided to mend his ways?