Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Learning Space

What HAVE I been doing with myself since Easter when the Mancub started going to nursery at Kitty's school 3 mornings a week?

Paying bills, shopping, re-discovering my swahili learn-at-home course... but also largely putting together a website for the kids's school - The Learning Space. It still has a few technical kinks and issues to iron out, but if you'd like to find out a bit about this amazing school, please do have a look. And for a lovely photo each of Kitty and the Mancub, see the Recent Activities page. Some families, like ours, are fortunate enough to be able to pay the school fees in full. Others, particulaly local families, sacrifice a huge proportion of their income on the fees but also need topping up by sponsors. Interested? Find out more.

Shameless plugging, but I really do think it's a very special place. The Mancub will carry on their after the long holidays bu sadly Kitty has outgrown it and will be moving to St Constantine's International School. I'm hoping she'll be inspired by being in a school with lots of older children too, seeing the things that they can do(or to put it more bluntly, I think she would benefit from not being a big fish in a small pond any more!)

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