Monday, 23 May 2011

Rapidly losing sanity

(patience disappeared days ago)

Okay, 3 weeks and a bit sans husband but avec kids is definitely proving too long. Counting the days (5) till his return. Fantasizing (unrealistically) about a weeks rest cure somewhere...

Today, went to see a house that's available to rent. Landlord said that tenants were leaving on Sunday so I could see inside this afternoon. Arrived. No sign of landlord. Guard says that yes, some tenants left this morning but there is another installed. Great.

Made bread with Kitty's class today. Didn't bake it because power went off at school and it's an electric oven. Offered to bring it home to bake. Arrived home to find that our oven has given up working.

Every time I pick Kitty up from school, some classmate or other bounds up to me to tell me that Kitty's been very naughty to day. This has been going on for 3 weeks now. Tried to talk it through with her. Turns out that she firmly believes that she knows far more than her teacher and that is why she has no interest in listening to her or doing what she says.

Realised that, with Kitty having to change schools and different schools following very different calendars, I am looking at having her home for 12 straight weeks of holiday.

Run out of tonic... however, straight gin starting to take on a new appeal.

Finished "House of Elliot" DVD series so started "Life on Mars" last night. Lay in bed terrified of serial killers and then dreamed about them. Might be watching Peppa Pig tonight.


  1. You're funny when you're stressed out!

  2. Oh gosh! Hang on in there - you can do it!