Monday, 16 May 2011

Flying visit by Mr B

Mr B arrived safely back from South Africa on Saturday night, after a hectic but fun 2 weeks! Lots of laundry, a few stories. a bit of sleep and two meals later, he headed off to Tarangire National Park for 12 days safari guide training, arriving safely in camp last night. Felt rather down when he left but headed to a friend's leaving do for a cold beer and some socialising to aid recovery. "The House of Elliot" DVD series is my evening companion these days - enjoying it lots!


  1. I remember really enjoying that TV series! Can I borrow it sometime?!
    Sorry to hear that Mrs B has got to continue the single mothering for another couple of weeks. I know that 1 week is about my limit of coping in that situation! Love to you all xxx

  2. That must be hard for both of you. Is he doing or being trained in Safara Guide work?