Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Gaining perspecive

Okay - thanks for the messages of support. I'm having a better day today!

Have agreed to rent a certain house form 15th June, so feeling better that that decision is made.

Have arranged for oven fundi to come at 10.00 this morning (Ha ha! It's now 10.05...think he'll come today?)

Spent an hour last night re-reading bits of my favourite child-raising book to date: "How to talk so Kids will listen and listen so kids will talk" by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. If you have kids over 18 months and haven't got this book, get it. I gave it to a whole load of people for Christmas one year. My copy is dog-eared because I refer to it so often and have lent it to several friends.

Anyway, helped me get some perspective on my issues with Kitty, and start to see her as a 6 year old child with some issues she needs help dealing with, rather than seeing her as 'A PROBLEM' that's driving me nuts. Had a more peaceful start to the day today. It also helped that a friend picked her up from school and took her back for a playdate till 5pm yesterday, so I had a good long stretch with only one child.

Apologies, apparently I write much more humorously when I'm stressed out, so back to the mundane today. Don't worry Basia - I'm sure there'll be more stressed out posts coming soon!

p.s. am trying to plan some fun activities and themes for our 12 week break from school. Anyone know good websites for ideas, activity sheets etc?

p.p.s talking of gaining perspective, look at my sister-in-law's blog about the 5 year old girl she knows who has complex medical needs. Rania is about to be deported back to Algeria, away from the only family she knows and the medical interventions that keep her alive and enable her to attend mainstream school. Her family say that deporting her is the same as handing her a death sentence. The medical interventions she needs are not available in Algeria and epilepsy, one of her conditions, is there considered to be demonic posession. I have just signed this petition asking Theresa May, Home Secretary, to reconsider her decision. Will you?


  1. I sincerely hope you don't have stressed out posts too often in the future!

    Ideas for the holidays:
    (1) Projects... one year Aidan and I designed and built a castle out of cardboard, paint and glue. He really enjoyed the designing, and I enjoyed working out how to create it. The painting was a combined effort.

    (2) Music... Kitty's might be interested in beginning to read music. I started Aidan with piano at around 6 as an "in the holidays" focus, with a reward of a trip to the toy shop for a small playmobil figure for a week of lessons.

    I think whatever you do, for a 6 year-old it should be child-led. Maybe start each week with the question: "what would you like to learn about" and then build on their interests with activities that get them reading, writing and drawing without them realising that its educational!

    Lots of love as always, B xxx

  2. Just because things could be worse that doesn't mean your problems aren't worthy of sympathy. You have been through a lot since moving to Africa. Now the stability of your house has been taken and you've had to find somewhere else by yourself. On the Kitty front I wouldn't be at all surprised if she does know more about some subjects than other children her age, she's a smart cookie. Perhaps the lessons aren't challenging her. This is the girl who pointed out rather rare bird types and sheep breeds when she was about three, avocet springs to mind.