Thursday, 27 January 2011

Paddling fun

Well, the internet's been more off than on this week so I'm hoping to post this blog before it fails again. Mr B arrived safely back on Saturday night after a wonderful week away. He's got lots of pics to post at some point. He spent Monday in bed with a tummy bug but now better, but has also done his back in somehow and is very stiff and sore today. Combination of lifting heavy things into a Landrover, bumpy roads and a Davina workout?!

Anyway, it's been hot in the afternoons this week so I dragged out the BIG paddling pool we bought from friends who were leaving 10 months ago, and it's had lots of use with various friends coming over each day to join our kids in it. Here we are.

This last one is the Kitty Nail Salon. Get your finger and toenails daubed with coloured chalk...all absolutely free


  1. Looks like great fun. Chalk nail colours, the next big thing?

  2. Paddling pools and nail salons - looks lots of fun. (Running around in swimsuits outside (rather than in Dunbar swimming pool with Scotland's January weather) would be nice.)