Monday, 6 September 2010

Posh paws

This is Posh paws, giving the Mancub his first ever horse-ride

His current owners, friends, deny any responsibility for her name. I presume she came with it. They live out of town on the west side in a beautiful, if rather dry area, along with several dogs, cats, horses, goats, cows, hens and lots of beautiful wild birds. Since Kitty's school is also on the west side of town, I invited the Mancub and myself over for a morning. Having done the 30 mins to the school (a newly discovered back route that misses the main traffic trouble spot has got it down to a fairly reliable half hour now) we then trekked another 40 mins onwards past quarries, masaai manyattas, korongos, cows, donkeys, tractors and goats, following directions such as 'turn right at the pile of soil', until we arrived at one of the most exciting locations in Arusha...if you're the Mancub. Not only a pony to ride ("bit worried Mama") but also, joy of joys....

a tractor to brumm, and a mini digger too. And a sandpit, climbing frame, ride-on toy tractor, hammock, swing, punch-bag and even books about tractors and Peppa Pig! Fantastic!! Funnily enough he didn't want to go home. Although said friends have a 2 year 10 month boy (and an adorable baby), the Mancub is still resolutely at the 'play with their toys but ignore the other children' stage, so we Mums enjoyed chatting while the boys did their own separate things.

Re lawyers etc, the message today was that, actually, we now need to wait another week before anything is likely to happen. And so we carry on waiting. We're getting quite practised at it at least.

Tomorrow Mr B heads off to Manyara Ranch for another few days of adding to their bird list. Hardship indeed. And the Mancub and I host playgroup at our house. Might have to fit some baking in before they come.

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