Monday, 20 September 2010

Illness, recovery and jingle bells

Too busy and tired to post a blog for a few days. Mr B was in bed all weekend, when he wasn't crawling out to the toilet that is. Particularly nasty tummy bug that left him huddle in a foetal position for most of saturday and for which he has been taking two different antibiotics. He is now up and about and even managing some food again.

Kitty has been tired, rather miserable and not eating since Thursday night, developing a fluctuating fever over the weekend and then an impressive all-over rash today, along with a nose like Niagra Falls. Our wonderful doctor friend and neighbour came over twice over the weekend to inspect them both and prescribe for Mr B. And today I took Kitty to the paediatrician who prounounced Fifth dissease, otherwise known as Slapped Cheek virus. The good news is that this is a very common childhood ailment and will clear up by itself. Today I half persuaded and half insisted that she eat some dinner and I hope that soon she'll regain some strength and energy and be back at school.

On Saturday the Mancub managed to stand on a toy with a sharp edge and hurt his foot. So by saturday night he was on ibuprofen for pain relief, Kitty was on paracetamol to reduce fever, Mr B was on two sets of antibiotics, immodium and paracetamol and I was still taking some tablets for chronic mouth ulcers. What a family. A pharmacist's dream come true.

Add to that all, it happens at the weekend when we have no house help, and in fact today she wasn't in either. So I found myself racing between patients while trying to do the washing up, boil the milk, wash and hang out Kitty's bedclothes after a nighttime accident, clean toilets and tubs and sterilise all the cups that Mr B has drunk out of, collect medicines and cook food and try to persuade someone, anyone, to share it with me. Praise the Lord for Peppa Pig and Charlie and Lola... I think the kids had about 2 weeks worth of viewing time over one weekend.

Mr B is heading into the Serengeti tomorrow afternoon till friday, so I really hope he keeps improving and I hope even more that I don't get his tummy bug and the Mancub doesn't get Kitty's virus.

Meanwhile, we have been listening to the (loud and penetrating) sounds of a very jolly funeral happening in a nearby house (a very old man with a large family). When the Mancub and I got out for some needed excercise and fresh air this morning we met crowds of very cheerful and well-dressed people heading to church and spotted hundreds of chairs arranged for the refreshments afterwards. And this afternoon we could clearly hear the accompanying music drowning out the normal sounds of cows lowing, cockerels crowing, dogs barking and pikipikis and trucks roaring up and down the road. We didn't recognise all of the numbers, but Jingle Bells, Joy o the World and Silent Night were familiar, if surprising.

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  1. Sorry to hear about all the sickness. Hope everyone is on the mend soon. Xxx