Sunday, 5 September 2010

Camping at Magara

Lovely weekend camping at Magara, about 3 hours from here to the west. A shady village-run campsite under huge trees and with a view of a cascading waterfall. We went on friday and had two nights there, and on saturday we were joined by friends.

Firstly, having survived the roads, the dust, the police (surviving but 20,000 shillings poorer), and finally found the right road to Magara, we had to ford the river.

Here's the view from the campsite

When you run down the path from the campsite to the giant sandbowl at the bottom of the hill and cross this to reach the river, this is what you find

Perfect for throwing stones in...for hours...

or for having a serious head massage

or washing your hair...

 or being a mermaid in front of

The Mancub was interested, but tentative

There was also sand to play with, some in more sophisticated ways than others

And of course we wandered about and saw lots of birds. Mr B had a new one - green-headed sunbird - which sadly I missed. Lead-coloured flycatcher was also quite special, and we saw 5 different species of Kingfisher, all considerably less than 1km from camp - Pied, Striped, Grey-headed, Giant and Pygmy. The Mancub was more interested in getting a close view of the Black-faced vervet monkeys, particularly the males.....  "want see monkey blue teticles Daddy!", and both children needed plenty of snack distraction to keep them on the march.

One of our friends enjoyed the benefits of birding from one's sleeping bag

and "The Gruffalo" and "The Gruffalo's Child" were read, and read, and read

I have found myself having to explain some of the unfamiliar pictures in these books to the Mancub "yes, that's a wild boar...ummm it's a bit like a warthog. Oh yes, that's a deer. A deer? Well, it's like an Impala"

And now we are home, washed and ready for an early night after two very early wakings and fitful nights. Last night I repeatedly woke up to remove Kitty from my feet and return her to her part of the tent, and Mr B kept dreaming he was being dragged off only to wake and find the Mancub fast asleep cuddling Daddy's feet close to his chest. Maybe we need to borrow a larger tent next time....

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