Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Keys, snot and God

Mr B flew off to Serengeti this afternoon, jammy thing, leaving me tired out, full of a cold and with one very snotty child and one hyperactive-hardly-left-the-house-in-days-child and a laptop (hurrah!) but without my house and car keys...

I have located a spare car key and a rather dodgy try-three-times-pray-and-if that-doesn't-work-curse-silently key for one of the house locks, so hopefully I will be able to leave the house tomorrow to take Kitty back to school. She's much better. No more fever, rash gone, more energetic and eating again (admittedly under duress and bribery). She is still very snotty and spent rather too much of last night waking up and wailing because she didn't like having a runny and rather sore nose. I'm praying that we don't have a repeat performance tonight.

Meanwhile the Mancub seems to have decided that he is God. This morning, after running around for a while with a scarf over his head "to keep da dunder and wain off", he announced that "I put dunder and litenin". "Where did you put them" I asked. "up in da sky".

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