Thursday, 4 October 2012


We've had two young female lodgers living with us for just over a week now, which has changed our lives somewhat. They are sisters, from a Mongolian family but born and raised in the UK. Unfortunately the family they were staying with before couldn't cope with them and they were urgently looking for another home so we took them in last tuesday. I can't imagine what problem the previous family had, as they are lovely girls.  They are friendly, in a quiet way, very clean and tidy, undemanding and don't even eat very much. They have the most beautiful colouring and gorgeous hair. I'm really enjoying having their company while the kids are out at school. And the children love them too. They love to play with them, and Kitty even got Mr B to help her make them some home-made wooden toys.

 Meet Molly
and Ginger


  1. Oh **** I'm so slow! I did think it was rather odd (and slightly patronising) that you were talking about their gorgeous colouring and beautiful hair before even saying their names or how old they are. Then I couldn't work out why they were at home when Kitty was at school, and if they were old enough not to have to go to school, why would they be interested in home-made wooden toys. Then I looked at the pictures. I think my brain is gradually atrophying as I get older!!

  2. And here was me preparing a sensibly supportive comment about the rules and regs of private fostering...


  3. But what are they? Hamsters or Gerbils or something else? The ears look a bit funny (but then so do mine so I won't hold that against them).

  4. Gerbils. And your ears are very endearing.